Empires & Allies Power-Up Factory | Hack Update January 2012

Check Above Link Today, Zynga is going to pump ... you up! ('90s SNL fans, anyone?) The developer has released an interesting update to Empires & Allies called the Power-Up Factory.
This brand new building, introduced through a few simple Goals, allows players to build their own power-ups for us in battle. And while building the factory is certainly simple, building the power-ups inside might throw you for a loop. Let's check it out:

The Salt Mine
Place the Power-Up Factory
Complete the Power-Up Factory
The first Goal in this series is almost too simple. Just either click the "Build Now" button when it's presented to you, or find the building in your Inventory and place it on your Empire. Then, click the factory three times at one Energy per click to build it. And ... that's it--no friends to staff it, no special resources from friends needed. Your reward comes in the form of an EMP and a Flash Grenade, tools you'll need in the Power-Up Factory.

Hack / BOT / Exploiting / Free ENERGY / for Empires & Allies (all working 2012) + Charles Web Debugging Update 2012

Download all bots here http://www.allbots.org
Download bot http://depositfiles.com/files/40hpu7u5o or http://turbobit.net/e9odavn5kqs1.html
EAAbot ver. 0.12beta Big update by p627

EAA bot is a program which possible you more effective play EmpiresAndAllies.
Bot is easy to use and absolutely free.
1st install the EAAbot ver. 0.12beta to something like C:\Program Files\EAABot\
2 download and unpack/extract the latest version of multi --> Empires & Allies_Multi_File013.rar
to main bot map like : C:\Program Files\EAABot\ if ask to overwrite click yes
3 run program and login and be sure to check the littel box to keep you logged in
let it run when its done you see tabs (to find the tabs file see C:\Program Files\EAABot\Plugins
4 in the tabs like Materials input your settings do that for all plugin tabs you wanna use
for the moste updated plugins go to "Here"
[Plugin] Buying Materials - UPDATE 18/02/12.
WARNING: It uses coins
Buy From Market: Very fast. Uses a lot of coins. Doesn't have wood or oil.
Buy From Neighbor: Fast. Doesn't use as much coins. Depends on what your neighbors have.
Buy From Everyone: Slow...Search your friend's friend's friends.. for materials on sale on market. Still use coins.
If you have a problem buying from everyone (it just finish without buying anything), just delete lastvisit.txt file in the Materials or change value to 0.
You can use the attachment and extract to you EA bot folder.
Beta stage. This is what I have so far. I don't have much time to work on this. If you find bugs (has a lot of bugs that's for sure!), let me know...

[Plugin] Industry 0.03
Below is another patch that adds the Industry plugin. This is based off the Farms plugin, and operates almost the same way. Select the contracts that you want to harvest, and the contracts that you want to purchase for idle factories. All contracts (Lumber, Oil, Ore) are all in the same box, but the bot will make sure all resource types are filled.
For example if I have 4 lumber contracts, 4 oil contracts, and 4 mining contracts, the bot will first look to see if any lumber mills need filling, then will do oil derricks, and finally mines. It won't wait until all lumber contracts are gone before attempting to fill oil contracts.

Trucchi castleville energia gratis / February 2012

Trucchi castleville energia gratis / February 2012
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Castleville Cheats Update 2012 – Coin, Energy and Item Hack

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